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Follow theses steps below if you’ve been in an accident

FIRST STEP | Collect the following information from the other party


  1. Name, phone number and address

  2. Year, make and model of the car

  3. License plate

  4. Drivers license number

  5. Location and time

  6. Name and number of witness



SECOND STEP | Notify MPI and Bertrand Auto Body about the accident


  1. MPI can be reached at 204-985-7000

  2. MPI will give you a claim number

  3. An in person appointment will be set with MPI to assess the damage to your vehicle

  4. Call Bertrand Auto Body at 204-233-5846 to book your appointment



THIRD STEP If your car is not driveable:


  1. It will be towed to the MPI compound

  2. Notify MPI that you would like it towed to Bertrand Auto Body

  3. Your vehicle will be towed within a week to our repair facility

  4. We will call you once your car arrives at our repair centre




  • Your vehicle will be repaired and returned to you in a timely matter

  • Welcome to the Bertrand Auto Body family

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